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Wireless Home Theater Systems

The term 'wireless home theater systems' normally refers to the fact that the speakers are wireless. This is a great advantage. If you do not have one of the wireless home theater systems, you will either have to 'hide' the speaker wires so that people do not trip over them or hang your speakers on the walls. Neither of these options is good. Read on to find out why wireless home theater systems are the best way to go.

Wireless Home Theater Systems

When most people set up a home theater speakers system, it is the first time that they have done it, so they are no experts. This should not daunt anyone, because there is plenty of advice to be found on the Internet in articles such as this one. For the purposes of this article, I am going to assume that you have either bought your DVD player and screen separately and are thinking about speakers, or that you want to upgrade the sound of an existing home theater system.

The problems that we have here are that you are probably not a sound engineer and that I do not know the dimensions of the room in which you have your home theater. As I am sure you realize, the acoustics are a product of your equipment and the dimensions of the room. There is probably very little you are prepared to do to alter the shape of your room, so we have two more options.

You can either hire an expert or suss it out for yourself. Whether you have the money or not, I think that sussing it out for yourself is the better option and I am going to tell you how to go about it. Do not save the money you would have had to spend on hiring an expert sound engineer or home theater installer. Add that money to the kitty you have to spend on speakers and buy the best wireless speakers you can afford.

I do not know what speakers you will need, because I do not know your tastes or your room, but four good quality speakers and a sub-woofer should do it. However, why not walk around the shops and check their systems out? You are going to buy some speakers from somewhere, after all. You are not a tyre kicker.

Do your best to replicate the listening conditions of your own home theater, but that will be almost impossible. When you have your five, six or seven speakers home, plug everything in and place them anywhere you like. However, as a general rule of thumb, the sub-woofer should be under or over the screen, but it gives a really shocking twist if it is at the back of the room.

Anyway, get a few friends or and family round and play some music or a film through your wireless home theater system. Everybody will have ideas where the speakers should be and that is great - because the speakers are wireless! No hassle with wires or tripping up. Take it from me, wireless home theater systems are the way to go.

by +Owen Jones