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What is the Best Home Theater Projector?

If you are looking for a home theater projector, then you will be hoping to find out what is the best home theater projector and this website is here to help you do just that. We will be concentrating on the medium cost, budget range, which will give you the best performance for money home projectors and home projector screen.

What is the Best Home Theater Projector?

Going to the movies is a very popular pastime, especially with young executives, but these are precisely the people with the least amount of time to waste sitting in inner city traffic jams on their way to and from the cinema. This is why home theater systems are so popular with them.

Not only is it less time-consuming to have the theatre at home, but you have more choice with regard to your surroundings and you do not have to put up with strangers making a lot of noise upsetting the audience and spoiling the ambience.

There are two ways of establishing a home theater system in the house depending largely on its placement. You can set it up in a spare room or in the living room. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages: if you choose the spare room, you will have to buy more furniture, but if you choose to use the living room, the room will be out of action for the rest of the family while the film is running.

Once you have made this decision, you can get around to the equipment and one of the first decisions is how you want to display your film: if the room is small, you can display the film on a widescreen TV screen, but if the room is large, you will want an extra-large, wider screen and this means using a home theater projector.what is the best home theater projector?

So, assuming that you want to display you home theatre film on a large screen just like in the cinema, what is the best home theater projector to use? The size of the room is the all-important factor here. Home projectors work in different resolutions.

You need a higher resolution the further you want the screen to be from the projector and the larger you want the screen to be. Low resolution home theater projectors, all projectors in fact, are cheaper than those that are capable of projecting high resolution pictures.

Even if you are only projecting the image a few yards, you will notice the difference between a high resolution projector and a low resolution one. You will REALLY notice the difference if you try to use the projector over a distance for which it was not designed. The ratio of the picture' width and height might also be important to you and your room.

Using a projector under circumstances for which it was not designed will produce a low contrast, fuzzy, unpleasant, indistinct picture, making you regret buying the cheaper model every time you use it. Therefore, it is wise to get the best quality home theater projector you can afford from the start, giving a brighter, sharper picture.

The types and models of home theater projectors on the market change so rapidly that I cannot discuss particular models here because the information will be out of date next month, however the principles set out here will be just as true in ten or twenty years time, if not longer.

Look for recent web sites and magazines that specialize in home theater projector reviews. There are plenty of these web sites and magazines on the market and they are usually right up to date. Browse these publications armed with the information that you have gleaned from this web site. That way you will know the principals of what the reviewer is saying.

If this all sounds like too much work, hire a home theatre expert who can explain modern theater technology and the latest news in presentation format. However, it is still better to know something about home theater projector technology before you do this.

There are several different types of home theater projector. You can get a room projector that hooks up to your computer wirelessly (without cables to trip over) by Blue Ray or you could get a portable projector. These will save you space if you do not have a spare room or do not want to leave your home movie theater set up all the time because of lack of space, pets or kids.

Understanding the above information and that on other pages on this website will allow you to more easily answer for yourself the question: 'What is the best home theater projector?'

by +Owen Jones