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The Magnificent World of HDTV

HDTV stands for High Definition TV. It was launched in 1998 but has just become widespreadly well-liked in the last four or five years, which is because of a previous shortage of HDTV-dedicated programmes, the high cost of the equipment and general apathy.

The Magnificent World of HDTV

The Magnificent World of HDTVThat has changed since about 2010. Prices have come down significantly and most TV shows and all films are created in the HDTV format these days. Techies and sports and movie fans were the most enthusiastic sections of society for HDTV and they were also the first to buy into it.

In fact, HDTV is a huge leap in technical advancement over the old system. The resolution of the screen is a lot higher and it supports surround-sound as standard. This puts  general TV broadcasts on a par with the quality of sound that comes out of the home music system.

This is fantastic news for film and music buffs. The sound and music quality are equal to anything you may find in a cinema. If you would like to go a step further, you could run the HDTV through the home movie theatre system without a reduction in quality. Being digital, both system hook up together very easily. just plug them in and off they go.

It is becoming easier to buy an HDTV system because the general public is becoming used to the technology and its terminology and overcoming its inertia. Everyone knows someone now who has a new HDTV system so they are less scary.

The old style TV's with the big box at the back familiar for seven or eight decades were analogue, but these new systems are digital. Digital signals have several benefits over analogue signals. Digital signals take up less bandwidth and incorporate error-checking so that the quality is more dependable.

This is the same as the music played from CD's and the films played from DVD's. Everybody agrees that the picture quality of CD's is better (or remains good longer) than vinyl LP's and that DVD's are better than the old analogue VCR's. All of this contemporary technology is now incorporated into the HDTV system.

The high resolution pictures created by the new TV sets is perfect for sending through a projector onto a wall or large screen. This makes it perfect for coupling up to a home movie theatre system. In fact, many people do this because the quality is so high.

The sole disappointing aspect of HDTV is the quality of the TV shows. Money and talent is spread so thinly across so many shows, so many channels and so many hours and the TV staff and personnel are paid so much that all we get to watch is junk, with a couple of notable exceptions. No wonder that people hire more videos now than ever before, run of the mill TV programmes are awful.

by +Owen Jones