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Protecting Children with Mental Disorders

When protecting children from predators, who are the predators? Predators are cyber stalkers, serial killers/rapists, rapists, paedophiles, women beaters, child abusers, thieves, and so on.

Protecting Children with Mental Disorders

Predators often have mental illnesses that prevent them from functioning properly in normal society.

Children with mental disorders are often the prey of these predators, and sometimes children with mental disorders are the predators themselves. Protecting these children has to be of prime importance.

In fact, the distributor of one of the most dangerous viruses online came from an eighteen- year old from England.

Dangers mental illnesses: Not everyone with a mental disorder is a danger to society. In general, predators with mental disorders are the victims of sociopathic, psychopathic and anti-social disorders, oppositional defiance, conduct control disorders, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorders (BPD), and psychosis.

While there are a few other mental illnesses that pose a threat to our society, this is a list of the most common potential dangers that lurk on the streets and on the Internet.

How to go about protecting children with mental disorders from dangers: Never treat your child as if he/she has a mental illness. Treat your child as special, yet avoid treating the child as if he/she is mentally ill, because many mentally ill patients are extremely intelligent.

Teach your child the same rules that other children must live by and stick to those rules. Do not leave room for doubt when danger is present. Teach your child respect by showing respect yourself.

Children with dangerous mental illnesses will often want to watch pornography, violent images, content, et cetera. This makes it harder as a parent to protect your child.

However, it is important that you lay down the rules. Never put yourself in danger while enforcing these rules, since some children with serious problems can be violent.

If the child refuses to listen to you, bring the police in and make sure that they do their job to help you enforce the rules. You may pay court fees and go through headaches, but I promise you it will benefit you in the end.

As a mother raising two boys with dangerous mental problems, I can tell you it won't be simple, but it can be done.

Children with mental illnesses often have brilliant minds that can usually get around any parental controls and will do so without you even knowing. Take more time than normal to monitor your child's behaviour online.

Teach your child that divulging personal information is dangerous and encourage them to ask your permission when considering divulging name, phone number or other information online.

Allow your child to take some responsibility for himself and always encourage your child to join in family discussions that involve them.

Furthermore, encourage the child to be safety conscious by telling them to report any wrong committed against them.

One of the hardest things you'll ever have to do while raising a child with mental health issues is teaching him/her not to look at violent images and pornography.

Protecting childrn from this rubbish is almost impossible, however, it can be done, if you set a good example for the child.protecting children with mental health disorders

It is vital that you keep talking and listening to your child. Allow your child to express concerns, opinions, ideals, theories and so forth without demeaning the child.

You will be amazed at the knowledge children with some mental disorders have, if you will only listen to them.

The best advice I can offer you on protecting children with major mental disorders, such as psychopathy, is to seek help and stand firm.

For additional advice on protecting children with mental disorders ask advice from a qualified professional.

Note Well: Children learn what they see and hear.

by +Owen Jones