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Plantronics CS50 USB Headset

Welcome to our website. On this site, you will find plenty of bargains concerning the Plantronics CS50 USB headset and its accessories. We have tried very hard to locate the best suppliers with the best bargains, so that they will be passed on to you. Please take a look around, there is lots of information to help you make up your mind which Plantronics CS50 USB headset product you need.

Plantronics CS50 USB

plantronics cs50 usbSo, you have got rid of the telephone but now it’s time to get rid of the wires. The Plantronics CS50 headset brings wireless freedom to your softphone. It's the first wireless headset for VoIP applications with remote call detection and answer/end capacity via PerSonoCall. Experience superior sound quality, stylish design, four comfortable wearing choices and hands-free convenience via your USB port.

The Plantronics CS50 headset gives you VoIP wireless freedom. It is a full wireless VoIP softphone system that rapidly plugs in to your USB port, permitting you to take conversations up to 200 feet away from your desk with no headset wiring.

The Plantronics CS50 headset is the first headset with remote ring detection and call answer/end at the press of a button, thanks to Plantronics' PerSonoCall software.

The Plantronics CS50 headset quickly converts for your choice of four comfortable wearing modes, two that are supplied--over the head and over the ear; and two that are options -- behind the neck and dual T-pad headband. It also sports streamlined one-touch volume control, a mute button, and call answer/end for absolute control while you're away from your desk.

The Plantronics CS50-USB wireless headset works extremely well! This wireless headset is comfortable and it allows you to travel a considerable distance away from the computer to dictate without significant degradation of signal. The system will accurately transcribe dictations when you are up to four rooms away from your computer and even when outside the building.

The wireless Plantronics CS50-USB is the primary microphone because it is so much more convenient to work hands-free at a considerable distance from your computer. This device can be easily moved from a desktop computer to a laptop computer by moving the USB base unit from one computer to the other.

Use the supplied charger to keep the microphone battery charged even when the computer is turned off. The microphone base unit is plugged into a computer’s USB port. If the computer is turned on the USB port will charge the microphone and the charger is not necessary. The charger can be optionally plugged into the base unit at the same time as the USB port. The microphone battery maintains its charge well. In between dictations, replace the microphone into its convenient base unit to keep it charged.

The microphone provides the advantage of mobility that allows you to move from one area to another within the office without losing significant signal strength. This feature is much handier than dictating into a voice recorder and downloading when you return to the computer.

The microphone features a mute switch on the earpiece, and it is also excellent at screening out ambient noise even when not muted. The microphone does not usually transcribe things other people say (the unit apparently uses noise cancellation between the microphone and the earpiece and only records sounds spoken by the wearer). The system is even smart enough that it does not record my nonverbal sounds like a cough or a sneeze.

In summary, the Plantronics CS 50-USB wireless headset admirably performs its role as an office team member.

by +Owen Jones