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Home Movie Theatre

Why would anyone want to go to a picture house when you can construct a home movie theatre in a spare room? Millions of people are choosing to have a home movie theatre, because the alternative is no longer enjoyable and is too expensive to boot.

Home Movie Theatre

A lot of people do not go to the movie theater so much any more. I love films but I know why I do not go so often any more. It is just not nice. I do not like people talking or singing along during a film. I do not like people rustling sweet wrappers or crisp packets and I do not like mobile phones and feet on chairs. Movie theater owners try to drown these incidental noises out by turning the volume up, but I am not deaf and I do not like the mouthful of swear words you get if you say something about it!

On top of all that, it is not cheap to go to the pictures any more. If you want to take a family of four to the movies once a week, it will cost $100 a time. What with taxis or driving, candy or sweets, the tickets, the hassle and a hotdog on the way home, I just do not bother any more.

Why subject yourself to all the needless stress and hassles, not to mention the steadily increasing costs and ticket prices when you can now enjoy watching all your favorite movies in a home theater or home cinema right in the comfort of your recreation areas and living rooms? We have to be practical especially during these trying financial times where every dollar counts. Having your own home theater systems or personal home cinema could well probably be the answer to your dilemma.

So, I splurged out on a home movie theatre system instead. We were lucky, we had a spare room to set the home movie theatre system up in, but it not necessary to have a special room, it just makes it easier. If you do not have a separate room for your home movie theatre, you can have a drop down screen and the audio visual system can double as your living room stereo, which is not a bad thing.

However, if you do have a spare room, attic or basement, you really can go the full hog. And do not worry about the money! It is not as expensive as it may sound and once you balance that against what you would have spent going to the pictures, you will probably recoup the cost within a year or two.

Wireless Home Theater Systems

A good thing about using wireless home theater systems is that you can move them about. Unless you employ an expert (and maybe even if you do), you can easily make a mistake setting up your system. If you have cut wires or embedded them in the wall, this can cause problems, however, if you have one of the wireless home theater systems, it is not a problem to rearrange your speakers.

Home Theater Speaker Placement

The arrangement of your speakers is very important, in order to get the most from stereophonic or quadraphonic sound. Your home theater speaker placement will add or subtract from the realism of the film, so pay attention to it.

Home Theater Screens

Which of the home theater screens you will need depends to a large extent on the system you buy and the size of the room you set it up in. If you choose to use one of the fabric home theater screens, you will be able to get a bigger picture, although the quality might be less that a flat screen TV.

Home Theater Chair.

The home theater chair is the cream on the cake! Get a few really comfortable chairs and you will forget that you are at home! The proper home theater chair is an important element of the home movie theatre.

by +Owen Jones