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Host of Dancing With The Stars

March 2012 saw the start of the new season of the show Dancing with the Stars, the American version of the BBC's hit series Strictly Come Dancing. This the 14th series of Dancing with the Stars, so that proves that proves that the producers of the show, The ABC Network, are doing something right too. Dancing with the Stars, or DWTS for short, is extremely popular in America and internationally. No small part of this success can be attributed to either host of Dancing with the Stars.

Host of Dancing With The Stars

There are two celebrity hosts of Dancing with the Stars: one male and one female. Their job as anchors is to hold the show together by keeping the audience informed of what is going on and quietening the nerves of the contestants.

And some of the performers do get pretty nervous - remember Nancy Grace's nip slip aka a 'wardrobe malfunction' in one episode in the 13th series in 2011?

The male host of Dancing with the Stars is Tom Bergeron. Tom has been a co-host of Dancing with the Stars since it started in 2005. He is a well-known American TV personality and game show host.

He has presented America's Funniest Home Videos show from 2001 to the present day, but has also hosted other shows including Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Tom started off in show business as a disc jockey and moved into television in the early Eighties, which means that he has been a familiar face on TV for thirty years - just the right man to be a host of Dancing with the Stars.

The original female host of Dancing with the Stars was Lisa Canning, who was replaced by Samantha Harris in the second season. Samantha left to have a baby in series five and the winner of series two, Drew Lachey filled appeared as hostess for her until she was able to return to the show.

Samantha left Dancing with the Stars in series ten to be replaced by the current hostess, Brooke Burke, who was the winner of the seventh series of Dancing with the Stars. Brooke is still there now in the fourteenth series, the line-up of which was announced recently.

Brooke Burke's married name is Brooke Burke Chavet and she was born Brooke Lisa Burke. She is well-known in the USA as simply Brooke Burke. Brooke is the oldest of nine children from a family of mixed European heritage. She is an actress, model, dancer, singer and TV personality.dwts pictures

Brooke has really shined as the fourth female co-host of Dancing with the Stars and it looks as if she is there to stay. Tom and Brooke work beautifully together.

It is not an easy job being host of such a poplar TV reality show as Dancing with the Stars, because anything can happen and there have been a few moments where quick-thinking and a hasty ad lib have saved the moment (as with Nancy Grace, for example).

by +Owen Jones