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Home Theater Screens

Home theater screens are the most important components of home movie theatres to most people, Home theater screens have to been in proportion to the size of the viewing area otherwise the viewing experience will seem 'not right'. Read on to find out about home theater screens.

Home Theater Screens

When it comes to choosing which of the home theater screens you want, the first consideration is the sort of screen you want, although sometimes the shape of the room will dictate what you can have. This is  because if the room where you are setting up your home movie theatre is large, then you will have to have one of the home theater screens made for projectors. Or perhaps you just want one anyway.

So, which of the home theater screens you buy will depend to a large degree on the system you buy and the size of the room you set it up in. If you decide to use one of the fabric home theater screens, you will be able to get a bigger picture, although the quality might be less than that of a flat screen TV.

A lot of people like the idea of having a drop-down movie theater screen, but sometimes you have to have one even in a modest home theater. It can convert your living room into a home movie theatre - you lie back in your chair: click! A screen drops down. Click! The lights dim. Click! The movie begins!

However, if you prefer a television screen, then you might be considering buying a new one. You should go for one of the movie theater screens that is at least 27 inches in diameter, although I do not personally think that this is big enough. I think you need about 48-60 inches, but it really does depend so much on the size of the room and the quality of your eyesight. Where do you like to sit when you go to the pictures? At the front or the back of the hall? If you like to be dominated by the screen, you will need a large one.

If you are buying a new TV for your home movie theatre, I think you should aim high. HDTV is upon us and since February 2009 the USA is committed to High Definition. So, I would make sure that your new TV is capable of receiving it. Then I suggest that new home theater screens be flat in order to reduce the exasperating glare that could ruin the experience. (This could be another reason for opting for a projection screen).

Then you should make sure that your new movie theater screen has enough input and output sockets for the equipment you plan to use and you are ready. So, to summarize, I would go for:

* More than a 27 inch screen
* Flat screen
* HDTV compatibility
* Plenty of input and output plugs
* Satellite compatibility

Get one of the best home theater screens you can afford, I recommend that it has satellite compatibility because it is probably the future or near future at least. If you get a satellite TV connection you will have access to HDTV downloads which you can watch at your convenience.

by +Owen Jones