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Dancing With The Stars On UK TV

Dancing with the Stars is the American spin-off of the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing which has been very popular since it was first aired in 2004. For several years British dance fans could watch Dancing with the Stars on UK TV, but it looks as if that is to end in 2012 as the UK public didn't warm to DWTS as much as was expected.

Dancing With The Stars On UK TV

It looks like British audiences prefer Strictly Come Dancing to the American version mostly because Dancing with the Stars often features American minor celebrities who are unknown in the UK and therefore do not drum up much enthusiasm there. Kirstie Alley, well-known in the UK from Cheers, went down a storm in 2011 even though she was 60 years old.

However, the television program does have its devotees in the UK and they are currently mounting a campaign to have the television series restored to their UK screens. The last episodes of DWTS were screened on UK TV in 2011 and it looks like no UK TV channel has any plans to commission any more episodes.

It is possible that a UK TV channel would be more interested to bring back Dancing with the Stars if ABC, the makers of the American version, would use more internationally known celebrities.

If ABC is happy for Dancing with the Stars to be sold only in the USA then this is not a problem of course, but if they would like to sell it to the rest of the world, they have to raise the profile of its celebrity dancers in the next season of the show's television series.

The current hosts of DWTS, Brooke Burke and Tom Bergeron are virtually all unknowns outside the USA.

The policy of using former competitors as hosts just exacerbates the problem for audiences outside the USA.

Dancing with the Stars will always have its fans in the UK and there have been several message boards set up to try to influence the UK TV companies decision not to commission any more episodes of Dancing with the Stars for UK viewing. But it looks like an uphill battle.dwts photos

At the end of the day, people who like celebrities, ballroom dancing, glitzy entertainment and orchestral music love the format of shows like Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars and want to watch as much of it as possible, but for the majority of people, one hour a week is enough and in the UK that slot is filled by Strictly Come Dancing with its hosts and celebrity contestants that UK TV audiences know.

I don't know whether Strictly come dancing exports well, because the celebrity contestant couples are probably only well-known in the UK, but it is also unlikely that we will see the Dancing with the Stars on UK TV again either.

by +Owen Jones