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Dancing With The Stars Message Board

If you like the TV reality show Dancing with the Stars, you should spend some time on the official Dancing with the Stars message board. Perhaps you are not sure what a message board is, so permit me to explain: a message board (more often called a forum these days) is a place where like-minded people go to discuss the topic of that message board.

Dancing With The Stars Message Board

Therefore, a Dancing with the Stars message board will be full of people discussing Dancing with the Stars. There are probably hundreds of message boards dedicated to a TV reality show that is as popular as Dancing with the Stars, but there is also the official Dancing with the Stars message board.

The official Dancing with the Stars message board is on the American Broadcasting Companies' Network web site. A message board has many topics called threads, so a Dancing with the Stars message board may have threads on: the celebrities, the current series (season 14 now), the scheduled partner pairings, the cast and crew, previous series, previous winners, the latest episode, the judges, the dance routines, the cast this season, gaffes and anything else.

Any registered member of the forum or message board is allowed to open or start a new thread. Usually, unregistered readers of a message board may browse the message board but not express an opinion in a message.

Unregistered readers are not allowed to post a message so that there is some level of control over abuse, spamming and so that the company has your name and email address, which they may or may not use for marketing purposes.

The details of how the company will use your email address will be stated in the terms and conditions.

So, the approach to take if you want to join a Dancing with the Stars message board is to check out the official ABC Dancing with the Stars message board and look for others with a Google search.

Then, browse the forum as a guest (that is as an unregistered person), if you like the forum, join it and bookmark it so that you can return to it easily whenever you like. When you leave a comment on a thread, look at the bottom of the page, above the final button to post it.

Is there a check box saying something like 'Notify me when new posts are added to this thread'? If you click this, you will receive an email if anyone posts a message to that thread. This is a very useful way of keeping up to date with a topic that you are interested in.

For example, you could start a thread speculating on the celebrity cast partner pairings that will appear in the next season, then as soon as the ABC stars are announced on that thread by the ABC, you will get an email to check the thread.dwts photos

It is very interesting - sometimes you get an email update years after you posted your comment! Sometimes, you will get exclusive photos posted

The ABC Dancing with the Stars message board has just opened a 'Discussion Page'. it is accessible through the Message Board. The purpose of this page is unclear to me at the moment, because a message board or forum is nothing more or less than a discussion page anyway.

If you would like to look elsewhere for a Dancing with the Stars message board, try Facebook and some of the other social media sites too.

by +Owen Jones